Design of the study

Within the research project “academica”, a total of approx. 100 theme-centered, qualitative interviews with women professors appointed at the four university types (full university, university of applied sciences, university of arts and university of music) are being conducted. The central group of interviewees are women professors who were appointed after 1995 and have served as deans or (vice-)-presidents in the course of their career. A smaller reference group consists of long-time women professors without such leadership experience. Additionally, the research team will conduct theme-centered interviews with equal opportunity commissioners at universities (Gleichstellungsbeauftragte) and with counselors specialized in the higher education and research sector, in order to include their experiences.

Sub-project I (TU Darmstadt) encompasses full universities and universities of arts;

Sub-project II (HAWK Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen) includes universities of applied sciences and universities of music.


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